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The Design Calculator comes with 5 separate calculators.

This makes it easy for you to get all the parameters that matter so you can quickly design or test your system without having to do the math!

And this makes the whole process of designing your system just that much easier. Each calculator contains a complete analysis of how it was used, and what made it work …so you can easily and instantly apply to any design project.

What You'll Get:
5 Separate Calculators
2 Design + 3 Bonuses
Backyard Design
This calculator gives you the exact values so you can quickly start building your backyard system.
Small Commercial
The commercial calculator gives you all the design parameters so you can build a small commercial system without the guess work. 
Feed Calculator
The Feed and Grow Area Calculator allows you to calculate total feed and the grow area supported by your fish.
Power Consumption
The Power Consumption Calculator is another bonus tool that allows you to calculate the power consumption.
Heating Cost
The Heating Cost Calculator is a bonus tool that allows you to calculate the amount of heating cost.
 All the numbers you need so you can build your aquaponics system without the complicated Math!
Instructions on How To Use the Calculator are Provided on Every Sheet
Backyard Design Calculator
  •  This calculator is designed to give you all the design parameters you need to build a backyard system by just the input of the         bed width, length and the number of grow beds. The calculator is very intuitive to use and all the formulas used are visible so that as you familiarize yourself with the tool you learn the theory behind it as well.
  •  Benefit: You only need 3 initial parameters
  • Feature: Calculates over 25 parameters including the amount of fish, water needed and plants gown.
 Small Commercial Design Calculator
  •  The commercial calculator is designed to give you all the design parameters you need to build a small commercial system with just a few inputs. The resulting output values include:
  •  water needed for the fish, fish tank size needed, number of fish tanks required, number of fish required, amount and weight of fish required and feed per day required.
  •  Benefit: You only need 6 initial parameters
  • Feature: Calculates over 25 parameters including the amount of fish, water needed and plants gown.
Feed and Grow Area Calculator
  •  The design calculator gives you the amount of fish and fish related data as the output based on the input grow area, whereas this calculator has been designed to give you the total grow area that can be supported with a given amount of fish and feed ratio. 
  • This tool is extremely handy when you need to figure out the grow area or the number of plants that will be supported by the amount of fish that you have in your system and the amount of feed you need to add each day. 
  •  Benefit: No more guess work in getting the amount of feed that is required by your system on a daily basis. 
  • Feature: Input data can be changed depending on your system requirement and is completely customizable.
Heating Cost Calculator 
  •  This tool will give you the heating requirements of your greenhouse in both Watts and Btus. But more importantly it will calculate the cost of heating per month
  •   Benefit: Any size greenhouse 
  • Feature: You get heating cost for the most common energy sources: Natural Gas (LNG), Propane, Fuel Oil and Electricity.
Power Consumption
  •  This calculator is a basic tool that gives you the power consumption of some of the most critical components of your aquaponics system such as lighting, electric heating (space and water), pumps and other equipment on a monthly basis. 
  •  Benefit: Gives you a snapshot of what your power consumption will look like when your system is operational.
  • Feature: Broken down in both monthly and yearly consumptions and costs.
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What People Are Saying
"We are just starting the design of our small aquaponics farm and we bought this calculator to help us with the designing. I must say it, it made the whole learning curve really small. We got most if not all the info we needed. Highly recommend it."
- Alexander Marchenko, Comox Valley
"This calculator has made the whole design process very easy. You need to feed it the numbers you already know and it will give you detail figures on what you need to build your system. It took the guess work out and it got simpler as I used it more. Thanks!"
- Michelle Tulloh, Olympia, WA
"Ahmed, thank you for listening before preaching, asking before telling and importantly being flexible enough to tailor the plan to our needs. The calculator and the business plan were invaluable for our planning. Your knowledge of business comes from experience and not just a book." 
- Tony and Wendy, Owners, Island Vapours
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